Monday, 18 November 2019

Annual Dinner

Our Annual Dinner this year was held on Saturday 9th November at the Michaelhouse Centre, Trinity Street Cambridge. Michaelhouse certainly did us proud with a delicious three course meal plus a glass wine or local apple juice served very efficiently by the small team of catering staff.

In my opinion this was the best venue we have had to date, being both a wonderful old church building and in the centre of town – in fact, St Mary’s Church is the official centre of Cambridge and is less than 250ft away (for those who like facts and figures). The Michaelhouse Centre takes its name from the original Michaelhouse which was the second college to be founded in Cambridge in 1323 (the first being Peterhouse). 

Ken Miller did a sterling job yet again, sorting out all the club trophies and medals. (These included the Viking Road Trophy, which had been won by non other than Chris Boardman. CCC inherited this medal after the Viking Road Club disbanded). 

This year Ken was also called upon to be slide show meister and he also put together over 100 slides from club members which were shown on a loop throughout the evening. In addition he operated the projector to show the photos provided by our wonderfully witty guest speaker, Rob Ainsley.

Rob gave a very interesting and entertaining talk of his travels across the world on bike and his particular liking for themed rides, such as linear trips to and from place names that rhymed – to give one example. The latest copy of his book ‘Bluffers Guide to Cyclng’ was handed out to all those attending.

Andy Grant was our excellent Master of Ceremonies for the evening. He had gone to the trouble of researching our guest speaker and coming up with a number of facts about him by way of introduction, which indicated a lot more in his past than cycling .. a music and maths degree from Oxford University for example.

Finally a thanks to Jan for taking photos of those being presented with the trophies. 

Well done to all trophy winners!

Our next annual dinner is expected to be 14th November – I am waiting for final confirmation of this as I write, but this is the most likely date. Details of the event will be held on the social page of the CCC website so please check for final confirmation, which I expect to be made within the next couple of weeks. We had 51 people in attendance at this year and I am hoping to boost that to between 60 to 70 for 2020 – so please put the date in your diary now!

Thanks to all who came along/helped out and made this event a success .... let’s see the rest of you next year!

Happy Cycling

Sue (Social Sec)

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Custom Mudflaps

We have a few custom mudflaps that we purchased from RAW Mudflap.

They fit PDW mudguards with no need for any drilling or faffing about.

Manufactured from 1200 micron Priplak Polypropylene they should last as this is the material used for mudflaps on rally cars.

£7.50ea from the Clothier

Friday, 8 November 2019

Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting will be held at Christ Church Hall on Monday 11th November at 7pm.

The Meeting will: -
Refreshments provided with our compliments.

Friday, 25 October 2019

Winter Club Runs

Club runners are reminded that mudguards are recommended on our Club runs from the clock change on Sunday 27 October until Sunday 29 March 2020.

Riders without full length mudguards may be asked to ride at the back.

As a club mate once remarked "those with mudguards are sensible; those who also have flaps are considerate". Get yours from RAW Mudflap

And a reminder after each ride to check your tyres for sidewall damage and the tread for embedded flints before either cause a problem.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Annual Social Saturday 9 November

Our Annual Social and Prize Giving this year will be held at the Michaelhouse Centre, Trinity Street Cambridge at 7pm.

The Michaelhouse Centre, situated in St Michael’s Church, opened in 2002 as a unique community resource in the heart of Cambridge.

The Michaelhouse Café believes in serving fresh, simple, homemade food. They reply on a network of fantastic local producers who provide them with top-quality produce, fresh from the farm.

Come along and enjoy a chat over a three course meal along with a glass of wine. Further drinks can be purchased from the bar on the night.

Our guest speaker this year is Rob Ainsley, who has written a number of books on cycling and has cycled in many countries across the globe.  He is also a writer for cycling magazines such as cycling plus and Cycling UK (CTC). A complimentary copy of his latest book will be given to each CCC member courtesy of the Club.

The awards presentation will take place along with the opportunity later in the evening to purchase various items of club kit.

Andy Grant will be our compère for the evening to ensure it all runs on track.

Full details of how to book (before Saturday 26 October) are on the social page.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Cambridge CC - 5th in the World Championships!

David McGaw reports...

Did you watch the world champs on the telly? Nice one, have a biscuit. Or maybe you went there and stood in the rain? Oh, well done. I was one of the competitors. Yes, the ones in Yorkshire. Yes, a race. Yes, really. No... not a sportive.

Cambridge CC at the World Champs
2019 was the first time the Para World Championships had been held at the same time as the regular World Championships. I have been known, on occasion, to pilot a tandem for Iain Dawson (more of our antics here). Iain's a multiple World and European Champion para duathlete and triathlete. When he asked me if I'd be up for riding the World Championships - a tandem road race where half the participants are blind - I said "Of course". What could possibly go wrong?

The finish straight
There was quite a lot of shenanigans getting the tandem setup. We barely had anytime to practice and the bike had some "issues". The only good thing about a bike with Shimano and disc brakes was that the sound of the (impossible to adjust correctly) gears drowned out the noise of the disc rotors rubbing against the brake pads.

Italian team cars
 We stayed in the same hotel as the Italian team. They had some cool team cars and seemed to spend the entire time in the car park washing their bikes. We spent the day before the race wandering around Harrogate staring at the course and amazed at the amount of work that had gone into prep - they had removed traffic lights and other road furniture plus most of the town was closed off to traffic. The UCI being the UCI insisted that I had a red helmet even though my helmet was white, so I spent most of the evening before the event wrapping my helmet with red insulation tape with no scissors available.

This is not a red helmet
The day of the race was lovely, 20C - probably the best weather of the whole champs. We were transported to Beverley (near Hull) for the start. The crowds for the whole day were unbelievable. Before the start I was sitting next to the tandem stuffing my face with ginger cake when a guy with a massive camera walks up and, saying nothing, plonks it right in front of me. I was staring right into the camera with my mouth full, it was very awkward. Then he moves the camera a little to film the tandem. The shot of the tandem made it into the BBC highlights. If they had ultra widescreen you'd see me to the right, slightly bemused with cake smeared all around my face.

Chaos at the start in Beverley
There was a live stream of the event, I am in some of the shots. Whilst we were waiting on the start there were literally hundreds of people staring at us and taking photos. Then with a big fanfare the race started. The crowds screamed, clapped and cheered it was crazy. There's a pic of us starting on the BBC website. That's me you know! Everyone else was wearing their national kit, so I guess that means I was riding for the PDROCCC (People's Democratic Republic Of Cambridge Cycling Club). Hello comrade. There's also a full double page spread of the pic on in Cycling Weekly, oh yeah!

Me and Iain
The less said about the race the better. We were up against full time athletes and the national road race champions. However the crowds were incredible, there must have been over 10 thousand people by the side of the road going nuts. I don't think I will ever forget that, it was quite an experience. Here are some more pictures from the day

We got dropped early on then caught the national champs before losing out in the sprint. If I said we were 5th in the world - that would sound amazing, but out of 5 - that sounds rubbish. I think the truth is somewhere in between. To invert a common saying "you can't beat people that don't turn up". If you think of racing as a kind of triathlon where step 1 is applying and step 2 is showing up then we were 5th... out of about 7.7 billion, which is not too bad. Though that might make me a triathlete 😐

Thanks to Iain for inviting me and making it happen and the thousands of people who supported the competitors and made it a really special day!

Monday, 23 September 2019

Free Jerseys for Sunday Club-run Ride Leaders

Active Jersey
This year we are trialling free Club jerseys for Sunday Club-run leaders.

The entitlement to a free jersey will be made to the Club Runs Captain who will validate claims. The jersey will be a short-sleeved summer jersey from the Kalas Active Collection (long or short zip) in standard Club colours.

We will need to know what size to order. You can upgrade to an Elite 09 jersey for £10 and to a Pro 73 jersey for £40.

Criteria for claiming a free jersey: -
- Current Club member.
- Led 6 rides as advertised on the Calendar. That is to say members must have agreed in advance to lead 6 rides, turned up on the day and led each of their 6 rides.
- Claims to be made before Christmas when a bulk order will be placed with Kalas.