Sunday, 29 March 2020

Zwift Clubrun Sunday 5 April

Our inaugural Zwift Clubrun was a successful event attended by eight riders.

We are therefore running a similar event on Sunday 5 April starting at 10am.

Toby, who will be leading the ride, will invite those that attended the first ride.

If anyone else is on Zwift and would like to join them, then please either drop Toby an email on with your Zwift user name, and/or follow him on Zwift – his user name is Toby Clark (CCC). It’ll help him spot the Cambridge riders if you also include (CCC) at the end of your user name.

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Zwift Club Run

Although it appears we will be stuck indoors for the next few months, we can continue with club runs – we’ll just have to bring the club runs to us! It’s a poor substitute for the real thing, but we can arrange private group rides on Zwift. No coffee stops, and there’s no chance of punctures!

If anyone is on Zwift and would like to join a 10am club ride on Sunday 29 March, then please either drop me an email on with your Zwift user name, and/or follow me on Zwift – my user name is Toby Clark (CCC). It’ll help me spot the Cambridge riders if you also include (CCC) at the end of your user name.

I’ll then send out an invitation to the group ride. The ride will start at 10am, seeing as this is the weekend when the clocks go forwards.

If you’re not on Zwift but are interested in giving it a go, then Zwift offer a free 7 day trial. If you haven't got a smart trainer you can use a dumb trainer or rollers. However, with a dumb trainer you will either need a power meter or alternatively speed and cadence sensors capable of communicating with a Windows laptop or an iPad.

Zwift guide to what's needed

Toby Clark

Monday, 9 March 2020

Road closure between Barrington and Shepreth until April 26th

The bridge over the river Cam on the road between Barrington and Shepreth will be closed until April 26th for deck strengthening works. Anyone caught out by the closure would be best advised to detour towards Orwell, if coming from Barrington, turning left immediately after the Orwell village signs, and following the Malton Road into Meldreth. This adds on about 3km (2 miles). Club run leaders might prefer to avoid Barrington altogether - from Addenbrookes, a route out through Newton, Fowlmere and Melbourn will also bring you out in Meldreth.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Inner Tube Upcycling

Do you wish there was something better you could do with old inner tubes that have reached the end of their life, other than just putting them in the bin? Cycle of Good is a charity that is collecting inner tubes and sending them to Malawi where the rubber is 'upcycled' into belts, purses, wallets, bags and other products, which are then sold back in the UK. Not only does this provide employment for Malawians, but any surplus money is used to help fund a children's centre in Malawi. Outspoken Cycles have a drop off point for tubes at 140 Cowley Road CB4 0DL. However the charity are unable process tubes containing sealant.

You can read more about Cycle of Good and the work they do here. You can also buy the upcycled inner tube products from their web site.