Thursday, 18 April 2019

Inter Club Time Trial Sunday 28 April

The primary objective is for this event to be a social occasion. No prizes only kudos!

First rider off at 10.01am. Sign on will be available from approximately 9am.

Each club can enter 1st and 2nd claim members.
£3 entry fee for ALL competitors to cover the fees payable to Cycling Time Trials (CTT).

Congregation area
The event will be held on the E33/10 at Bottisham

Tea and coffee will be available with compliments of Cambridge Cycling Club.

The event will effectively have an individual competition and two club competitions: - Overall (Time Trial & Road Bikes) and Road Bikes only*.

The individual results will be available shortly after the last rider has completed the course. However the club results will take a little longer!

Subject to preference being given to members of the above clubs, riders of other CTT affiliated clubs are welcome to enter this event.

* Road Bike - no tri-bars, aero helmets, skinsuits or wheel rims greater than 35mm.

We still need a volunteer pusher and second time keeper - please email the time trial secretary if you can help! 

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Club Time Trial Thursday 18 April

Congregation area
Our event this week is on the Barton "10" course

As of 9pm Tuesday, we still need at least one volunteer to help this event run safely; if you can help please email the time trial secretary. We now have enough helpers thank you!

The start is about 350 yards south of the congregation area on the A603.

First rider off at 6:46pm

Guest riders, being members of other cycling clubs, are welcome to enter this event - entry fee £4.

Should you not be a member of a cycling club, you can join as a Day Member for £5.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Calling all F1 time trial riders

If you have ever ridden F1 courses this was and is the only HQ. It's a lovely old building - a typical village hall. I must have been there dozens of times over the last 45 years!

The National Lottery has invited the Stuart Memorial Hall to take part in their People’s Projects competition. The project is called the Stuart Memorial Hall Centenary Project and has been shortlisted in the final five projects for the ITV Anglia West region. Three of the five finalists will win up to £50,000 for their project based on the number of public votes.

The centenary of the Stuart Memorial Hall is in 2024 and the aim is to update the Hall and restore it to its former glory. The project will include the installation of a permanent wheelchair ramp, car parking spaces, a hard path to the back of the Hall for wheelchair access, complete redecoration, new curtains and repair and replacement of roof tiles. The Hall was built in memory of Tempsford servicemen who lost their lives in the First World War.

Voting closes at 12 noon on April 15th Register your vote here       

Chris Dyason
TT Secretary

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Club Time Trial Thursday 11 April

Congregation & Start
Our event this week is the Bottisham Circuit

We recommend either flashing or constant rear & front lights whilst riding this event, as at this time of year visibility is marginal

First rider off at 6:31pm.

Guest riders, being members of other CTT affiliated clubs, are welcome to ride this event for an entry fee of £4.

If you would like to ride but are not a member of a cycling club, you can ride as a Day Member of our Club for £5.

We have enough volunteers for this week, but it's never too early - contact the time trial secretary to sign up to the helpers rota for upcoming events.

Monday, 1 April 2019

Season Opener Thursday 4 April

E33/10 Congregation area
Our Club Time Trial season starts on Thursday 4 April with the first event at Bottisham on the E33/10.

First rider off at 6:31pm. To ensure a ride, members are advised to arrive in good time as guest riders sign on from 6:10pm. (Guest riders, being members of other CTT affiliated clubs, pay an entry fee of £4)

We run two season-long competitions for first claim members: - one for time trial machines and one for road bikes.

These events are free for members, who in return agree to help in the running of the Club. (If you would like to enter but are not a member of any cycling club, you can join CCC as a Day Member for £5.)  To volunteer contact our Time Trial Secretary