Thursday, 29 June 2017

Dunwich Dynamo Saturday 8 July

This year's Dunwich Dynamo takes place on the night of Saturday 8th July.

It's a turn-up-and-go event where riders set off from the Pub on the Park, Martello Street, London Fields at around 8pm.

Arriving some 120 miles later at Dunwich on the Suffolk coast, the event has seen 2000 or more cyclists in recent years.

The route can be downloaded here

If you are thinking of riding contact Rob Hale who is coordinating CCC riders

Friday, 23 June 2017

New National Record for Ken Platts

In the ECCA 100 mile time trial on Sunday 18 June, Ken Platts set a new VTTA benchmark for 65-year-olds with a fine 3:52:12.
This ride was less eventful than his existing epic 2015 record for 62-year-olds which included a brief pause for a crash during which Ken broke his pelvis - a fact of which he was heroically unaware until attempting to get off his bike at the finish
Three laps of the A11 course saw rising temperatures and light winds. These conditions produced the first ever three 30mph rides at the distance; the fastest by Adam Duggleby in 3:16:51. The women's competition record also fell, with Alice Lethbridge recording 3:42:37 to take 2:45 off the old record.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Andy Wins as Team Comes Unscrewed

Andy Grant

Intent on defending their title from last year, Cambridge CC had a strong team entered on Saturday 10th June for the East Anglian VTTA 50 mile time trial – effectively the East Anglian vets’ championship – with Andy Grant and Colin Lizieri from last year’s team and Martin Reynolds taking the place of Ken Platts, who contrived to miss the closing date. The wheels came off the plan, along with Martin’s cassette lock ring, 20-odd miles into his ride, which at least spared him the 20-mile return slog into a brutal 18-knot headwind, gusting to 30 knots.
In such conditions, it took real moral fibre to ride past the finish to complete the final 10 miles and a number of riders succumbed to temptation. One who didn’t was Colin Lizieri, who normally revels in tough conditions, but even he was battered five minutes back on his best with 1:55:54 and an eventual 12th place on standard.

Andy Grant had a lonely ride; off no.5, he was soon first rider on the road with only his power meter for company, and that wasn’t telling him anything very encouraging. The attempt to get it to produce some more impressive numbers paid off though, with 1:52:35 good enough to win the event on standard and carry off the Syd Parkinson Cup, ensuring that Cambridge CC didn’t go home empty-handed.
Chris Dyason
The previous Wednesday evening, Chris Dyason travelled to the fabled V718 near Hull, for the City RC 10, where he justified the journey with a fine 21:34, an East Anglian VTTA age record. The event produced two 17-minute rides, with professional Dan Bigham running out winner in 17:24 and leading his team, Brother NRG Pro Cycling, to the National Team Competition record three times over with three different combinations of team mates.

Clearly in form, Chris followed this up on Sunday with second place on standard in the Sleaford Wheelers 15, setting a Strava KOM for the outward leg.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017


Photos: Davy Jones
Early on Sunday the 28th of May the ECCA 25 championships were held on the E2/25, which is actually a bit long so it should really be called the E2/25.1. The route starts near Newmarket and heads South West following the other E2 variations. In the past there was a services at the turn and people used to jokingly call the course "Burger King to McDonalds and back".

The E2 is a fickle course; it is very exposed with little tree cover so the wind direction is critical in determining whether there will be quick times. Small changes can be the difference between an ordinary day and a fast one. Apparently the best conditions are a westerly. In the run up to the event TT'ers had turned into amateur meteorologists and were out in force trying to predict the conditions. There were hushed murmurings of a potential super-fast "float day" similar to last year when Alex Dowsett smashed the comp record. They needn't give up their day job though as it was yet another south westerly making it a slog to the turn. 

Although it was nice and warm the wind meant that most of the top riders were 1-2 minutes slower then their PB's, mostly set at the same event last year. Colin Ward won with 48.51 (Essex Roads CC). David McGaw bucked the trend with a PB and club record, finishing second with 49.01. Daniel Northover (Finsbury Park CC) was third in 50.44 and Finsbury Park CC won the team prize.

Andre Dyason was pretty chuffed with his 53.47 for 13th overall. Andy Grant was 19th in 54.30. Colin Lizeri was not happy with his 55.43 and went home to angrily mow his lawn. His time was relatively good though and he finished in 34th well within the top third. The legendary Platts-meister was 46th in 56.19. Jan Ertner did a ride as silky smooth as his freshly shaved legs, 1.01.09 a strong time relative to his LTS PB.

Chris Dyason did a fantastic job organising the event ensuring that it ran smoothly. Chris has also organised the ECCA 10 and Cambridge CC 10 events this year. Great job!

At our Club TT at Hardwick on 1st June David McGaw broke the club 10 record with 19.15. Within the space of 3 weeks, club records have been set for 10, 25 and 50 miles!

Sunday, 4 June 2017

CCC at the Tour of the Highlands

Al, Ramona, Noelle, Eileen Roe, Mike & Kate
Five club members made the trip up to Highlands last weekend for the 3 day, 327 mile sportive. Also taking part was Eileen Roe, current British National Circuit Race Champion, who lined up with at the start with her jersey nicely matching the Cambridge Club kit. The event included plenty of climbing including all the major ski resorts, with glorious Highland scenery and typically variable Scottish weather! A full report will be submitted for the next club newsletter.