Monday, 25 January 2016

2016 Membership

Subscriptions now due for 2016

If there are no changes to personal details you can simply pay your subscription into the Club bank account. Please ensure you enter your name in the REFERENCE field.

Should any of your details have changed, in particular email, please complete an application form and send to our membership secretary. Our preference is for update information to be sent electronically. (Note on the form the date your payment was made to our bank account).

Note for new members - we require a signed application.

Subscriptions not renewed by 1st March 2016 will be deemed to have lapsed.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Thank You Tim!

A big thank you to Tim Williams for his informative and comprehensive talk on power meters and other aspects of training.  Last night's event was well attended and with a number of questions from the audience this is certainly an area of interest. The next social event will be the Cycling Quiz on 11 February.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

From the Power Meter backwards...

A talk by Tim Williams, on 21 January, about power meters and training with and without them.
Tim is the Head Coach at the Cambridge Triathlon Club, and as Regional Head Coach for British Triathlon he organises and runs the Eastern Region Academy for talented youth and junior triathletes.

"The risk of a talk with 'power meters' and 'training with power' in the title, is that it might appear to be of little interest to anyone without access to one.
So this talk is definitely not just for those with a power meter – though I will explain how they work, why they have had such an impact and why some people think that they are wonderful.
They might be wonderful, but they don't add stiffness, and they don't reduce weight, drag or resistance. And they definitely don't generate any power or energy.  In other words, they don't make you or your bike any faster.
The interesting thing about power meters is not so much that they measure power, but that they provide a huge amount of data. I believe their impact has been that, in order to use the data, people have developed new ways of looking at and understanding training.
And it's the training that makes the difference to your riding – whether you have a power meter or not!"
Tim Williams

...and a few words from our Social Secretary: -
Tim is a full time cycling coach and we are privileged to have access to his knowledge and experiences.
Please email me if you’ve not already done so and wish to attend. More details on the Social page and the Calendar.

Sue Taylor

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Website update

The site has been updated so that it should now be viewable on all devices. To facilitate this, the menu is now on a drop down accessed via the button at the top left hand corner of this screen. Should you experience any issues, feedback would be appreciated. (You may need to clear your browser cache - usually F5)
CCC Website Editor

Sunday, 3 January 2016


A message from our Club Runs Captain: -

Half-Wheeling - This is the expression given to the annoying habit where one rider advances their wheel ahead of another rider. We’ve all experienced this or done it ourselves at some point. Apart from being very annoying, it disrupts the pattern of the group as shown by the diagram. Eventually the group will disintegrate as the guilty rider continues to demonstrate that they are the strongest (and most disruptive) rider in the group.

Whilst I'm here, a couple of things to be mindful of:

- Be careful not to "push" the inside rider into the kerb so that they ride through all the gunk, potholes and puddles.

- Conversely, don’t ride too far away from the inside rider, as doing so reduces the shelter for those behind and is also a hindrance to motorists. The ideal distance apart is the width of a handlebar.

Just some things to be aware of on club rides!

Happy Cycling!

Sue Taylor