Sunday, 27 December 2015

Top Tips

£4 at Sainsbury's

Earlier this year at a tea-stop, I asked a club-mate how she managed to keep her club jersey looking like it was new. The reply was that she used Halo Sports Wash (anti-fungal and anti-bacterial) in preference to the usual washing machine detergent.
Following a few months use my observations are: -
- The white collars on my club jerseys, which were looking grubby, are returning to their original colour.
- I no longer have any issues with "saddle sores". (A benefit she didn't mention!)
- I am told by another user that Halo does not affect lycra shorts - to use her phrase "losing lycra".

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Sunday Morning Club Runs

The December Committee meeting decided that to assist both prospective and current members, the following changes will be made to the Sunday Club runs with immediate effect: -

- the Rides will position themselves at Addenbrookes as indicated by the diagram.

- the fastest group will be the first group to depart.

By way of explanation, traditionally the slowest group has set off first and the fastest group last. This can result in the faster groups overtaking the slower groups not long after leaving, potentially causing confusion for new riders and frustration for motorists. The new arrangements should: -
- avoid new riders inadvertently hooking up with a passing group.
- reduce motorist frustration to whom it appears we are taking up excessive space.
The Calendar shows the new start times.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Last minute Xmas present?

Extra Small Gilet
Looking for a last minute Christmas present? The CCC gilet can easily be worn on top of your existing kit.

If you don't currently have any club kit, this is an economical (£30) way of showing you are a member.

We also have the ultra packable (£40) which is effectively a long sleeved gilet with the addition of three rear pockets.

The Clothing icon above will take you to a list of the sizes in stock. Contact the Clothier to arrange a fitting.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Training Camp April 9th - 17th 2016

Mallorca Training Camp for members of Cambridge Triathlon Club and Cambridge CC.

Following successful trips in previous years, the training camp will be repeated this coming April. The camp is open to all members of the Cambridge Cycling and Triathlon Clubs (except unaccompanied minors) and is particularly targeted at those in the two clubs who train together on the weekly rides.

The camp will be based on a structured programme of group rides, and will include ad-hoc group and individual coaching sessions as well as discussions. The groups will include: -
The camp will be structured to ensure that you get the most out of your time without being too tired to enjoy it. You will experience the best riding that Mallorca has to offer (and that’s pretty much as good it gets anywhere).

The aim is to make the camp as affordable as possible. The two clubs have again agreed to subsidise the running of the camp so that we can include airport transfers. The cost will be £440 for a single room, £400 if you are happy to share a twin room and £360 each if you book a twin room as a pair. You will need to book your flight to Palma. Currently these are under £100 return with Easyjet and Ryanair (additional charges for bikes and luggage). The prices will increase as the flights book up.

We’ll be staying in the same hotel, The Dunas Blancas, in El Arenal. It’s close to the Airport and Palma. It’s a great base for cycling with access to the whole island. Although the camp will be primarily cycling based, El Arenal is a good base for triathlon as the swimming pool is a five minute walk from the hotel and the sea one minute. The promenade is largely traffic free for running and there are some trails within easy running distance.

Accommodation will be 3-star half board - a £65 deposit and completion of the Booking Form will secure your place.