Sunday, 30 August 2015

It's The Hill Climb - Thursday 3 Sept

Beechwoods/Worts Causeway EHC/13
This Thursday it is our Annual Hill Climb, being the final competitive club event for this year. First rider off at 18:46.
A two minute (more or less) sprint up the Beechwoods - an ideal opportunity to determine your maximum heart rate!
The Club Record for Senior Men is 1:25.4 set in 1974 by Colin Chapman and 1:54.6 for Senior Women set in 1977 by Jenny Ousey - both of which are unlikely to be broken this year unless we have a westerly gale!
Why not turn up for this fun event - the more the merrier.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Strawberry Sportive Sunday 6 September

Histon & Impington Cycling Club are organising a Sportive on Sunday 6 September.
There is a choice of 55 or 28 mile rides together with a family friendly 14 mile ride.
Go to their website to register for the "55" £15 or the "28" £10. (On The Day only for family ride registration).

Monday, 24 August 2015

Club Time Trial Thursday 27 August

Congregation area - Old Newmarket Road
Our final Club Time Trial is at Bottisham this Thursday on the E33/10. First rider off at 18:30.

This is the last chance to improve your position in the Championship. A reminder that your best 10 rides are used to determine your final position. There are several riders who have not yet done 10 rides and in riding this event could easily improve their position.

Thanks to all the Helpers this year, especially Ian Bell, Mick Draper, Ted Wells and Jan Ertner, without whom none of this would happen.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Reminder - Club Rides

Although we welcome new cyclists, it has recently been pointed out to me that there has been evidence of poor cycling discipline.
I would like to refer everyone to our Guide to Club Riding.
For the safety of us all, new riders especially should read this and if they feel unable to comply, then it maybe that club riding is not for them.

To highlight a few issues in particular:  

·         Ride no more than two abreast - keeping to the left of the road.

·         Ride in a straight line - riding erratically or making sudden movements is dangerous to other members of the group. If you are unable to adhere to this, you will still be welcome on the ride but you will be told to ride at the back.

·         Ensure the group stays together – although this is the responsibility of everyone, those riding at the back are in the best position to inform those riders in front of them should anyone fall behind. There will be no sympathy for anyone riding off the front!

Thank you and Happy (and safe) Cycling!

Sue Taylor
Club Runs Captain

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Ride London Sunday 2 August

Our Womens Team at the Finish
We achieved our full allocation of Club Teams for the 2015 Ride London being Mens, Womens and Mixed.
Our Women finished 10th out of 30 teams - Well Done Kate, Ramona, Noelle, Cara (and Pam who missed the photo but finished in 5:31:19).
Full size photos can be viewed via our Gallery Page together with a results screen-shot of Cambridge CC members who entered.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Sporting Clubrun Sunday 9 August

Suzane Leser will be leading the Sporting Clubrun this Sunday to The Booking Hall Cafe at Rayne, which is near Braintree. This will be a 130k/80mile ride expecting to average 18mph.

This ride will be leaving Addenbrookes at 8 am.