Saturday, 25 July 2015

Club Time Trial Thursday 30 July

Comberton Circuit F14z/07
Thursday's event will be the first and last time this season at Comberton (our earlier event on 21 May was moved to Barton owing to roadworks).
First rider off at 19:01. Entry is free for 1st & 2nd claim members. Guests (being members of a club affiliated to Cycling Time Trials) sign on at 18:40. Guest entry fee £3. Non-affiliated riders can ride by joining CCC as a Day Member  - entry fee £5.
Congregation area & Start/Finish
Riders complete 2 circuits - total 13.8 miles.
We congregate in the Lay-by on the B1046 between Comberton and Toft. Starters proceed east, passing the Village College before turning left into Green End at the crossroads in the centre of the village. Care is necessary at all junctions and also with parked cars and traffic when passing through Hardwick village.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Club Run Saturday 25 July

The Udder Room, Barrow
For keen club runners, there will be an additional ride this weekend.
Leaving Addenbrookes at 8am this Saturday, our Club Runs Captain, Sue Taylor, will be leading an Intermediate paced ride (average 17mph) to The Udder Room at Barrow, which is south west of Bury St Edmunds.
This will be a 60 mile ride, so riders can expect to be back home by 1pm.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Club Time Trial Thursday 23 July

Hardwick F2A/10
Our time trial this Thursday is at Hardwick. Here is the route in detail: -

First rider off at 19:16. Guest riders sign on at 18:55.
Guest riders who are members of clubs affiliated to Cycling Time Trials pay £3; non-affiliated riders can join CCC as Day Members for £5.
Congregation Area

We congregate on the Old St Neots Road.
Starters proceed east to the Hardwick roundabout taking the hairpin turn onto the New A428. Proceed west to the Caxton Gibbet roundabout before returning to Hardwick. Keeping on the A428, continue past the Hardwick slip. The finish is the lay-by shortly after the "Blue Bridge".
On finishing, continue to the Madingley slip to exit the A428 before returning to the congregation area.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Clubruns Sat. 18 & Sun. 19 July

There will be two Intermediate Rides leaving Addenbrookes at 8am tomorrow Saturday 18 July.
Intermediate16 will go to Maglia Rosso, led by Ramona Loveridge and Intermediate17 to Lavenham led by Sue Taylor.
Anticipated route to Lavenham.

The anticipated route to Lavenham is here: - 

On Sunday, the Non Stop Sporting18/19 Clubrun will be leaving Addenbrookes at 8am. This ride is likely to head into Essex. The Intermediate17 Clubrun to Gt. Bardfield will be leaving at the normal time of 9am. Currently there is no leader for the Sporting Clubrun leaving at 9am.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Club Time Trial Thursday 16 July
The event this Thursday is our second Club 25 mile TT for this season. Using the F16/25 course, riders proceed south from Barton, straight-over the Wimpole roundabout and onto the Dunton roundabout, before returning to the start. Click on the link opposite for the route in greater detail.
For those not wishing to enter the 25 there is the option of riding the 10  (to the Wimpole roundabout and back), although this option does not qualify for any of our competitions.
Congregation area

Congregation area is about 1.5 miles south of Barton village on the A603. The start is some 350 yards south of the congregation area. The finish is approximately opposite the start - this tends to vary as no-one appears to be sure exactly where it should be.
First rider off at 19:01. Guest riders sign on at 18:40.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Club-run Classifications

Not the usual club-run
We have amended the club-run titles to help riders decide which ride to join: -
The number is intended to give an indication of the average speed in mph whilst riding. These are the current speeds which are likely to reduce during the winter months. We are working towards two Intermediate rides of 16 and 17mph; and two Sporting rides of 18 and 19mph.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Club Time Trial - Come and Try It Event - Thursday 9 July

Our Newton Event is a Come and Try It event.
You don't need any specialist equipment, although we recommend riders wear a helmet. Just turn up on your road bike. We will require parental consent for those under age 18: -

Congregation Area and Start
You do not have to be a member of a cycling club to ride this event and it is free to enter. No preference is given to club members - it is a case of first come, first served.

First rider off at 19:16. The Start is beneath the M11 bridge on the road between Shelford and Newton. Riders can complete either one or two laps (6 or 12 miles approx). You do not have to declare in advance the number of circuits. Should you decide after one circuit enough is enough, be careful not to impede other riders.

Here is a video for those new to time trialling. 

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Intermediate Clubruns 8am Sunday 5 July

Both Intermediate Clubruns will be leaving Addenbrookes at 8am this Sunday.

Suzane Leser will be leading a 100 mile ride that will follow the 2014 Tour De France Stage 3 route from Saffron Walden to Braintree.
She anticipates the cafe stop will be "Cafe Dutch" at Coggeshall Garden Centre.

Route here: -

Sue Taylor will also be leaving at 8am for those wanting a shorter ride (Jordans Mill - about 70 miles).