Sunday, 28 April 2013

Biomechanical Assessments on offer

Dear Riders,

In the coming months, the sport and exercise science 
department at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge
will be investigating the effect that saddle position has on time trial performance. 

Accordingly, we are seeking to recruit racing cyclists for the study. The testing would involve a single exhaustive cycling test followed by a series of four 4km time trials, all during separate visits over a two week period, where the saddle position will be changed slightly. We will be recruiting male cyclists between the ages of 18 -35 yrs who hold a current BC racing licence of 2nd category or above and have at least 2 years of racing and training experience.

Participants will be paid and also receive a detailed physiological and biomechanical assessment of their cycling.

If you meet the above criteria and would like more information please contact me via email:

Many Thanks,

Oliver Caddy 
PhD Student 
Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Support Claire's Challenge

Dear All,

I have been emailed the following:

"Claire Lomas, a paralysed woman who walked the London Marathon in a robotic suit in 2012, is now undertaking a 400 mile hand-cycle challenge through.
I am hoping to get a large group of cyclists to ride alongside & support her as she takes on this challenge through the UK. 
She cycles through Cambridge on 28th April and  I am hoping that your members would consider joining in – the sight of a number of cyclists in club colours would be a fantastic sight!"
Please email to take part or have a look at