Monday, 4 February 2013

The bit about the annual Reliability rides.

Reminder the sporting 90mile run on 24th  Feb will start at 08.30h. Normally the race group will start at 09.00h and chase us down.
The reliability rides will be held on the 10th,17th , and the 24th  of February. A number of folks have asked me what reliability rides are. They were originally seen as the step from a winter training programme to the start of the racing season, and for some they still serve this purpose. For the rest of us who don’t race or wait till warmer times they’re just a bit of a tradition I guess, and a reminder that it’s time to get back out on yer bike. Whatever your reasons the idea of reliability rides are about riding together as a group, at a fairly challenging but steady pace, aiming to arrive with all of your group at the finish on the pre-determined time. The key thing really is working together with the group, so no sprinting up hills leaving half the group behind please. Well that’s the theory anyway, but you never listen to me so as for last year I and a few others will be there to keep at least the clubrun rides on the straight and narrow. One word of warning though, the reliability rides are not a good time to move up a group, or to chose as your 1st ride of the year. We wait for punctures but it does make it harder to maintain a steady pace so please try extra hard on puncture avoidance; now would be a good time to buy that new tyre you’ve been saving up for since Christmas, and to dig out the track pump. The routes are the same as the last several years, and as shown on the maps which can be found via the  'Routes' icon at the top right of this page.

The 50 mile Reliability Ride.

Remember you should go through the Shelfords to Whittlesford and from there to Newton to pick up the B road to Flint cross and beyond. The direct route from Lt Shelford to the B road makes a useful short cut if you are late. The 50 miles is reached at the top of Beechwoods, so from there you can just freewheel back home! There will be 4 or maybe 5 rides for the 50. The Sporting group will aim to do the ride in 3 hours, the Intermediate group in 3 hours 20, and the GT ride in 3hrs 35. The race training lads and lasses seems to aim for sub 2 ½  hours. We generally don’t stop on this ride, so make sure you have an extra slice of porridge for breakie. However if you want to do the route and can’t go without yer Rosie Lea, Saffron Walden is about the ½ way point.

The 75 mile Reliability Ride. 

Is a grand route, which we’ve been using since the year dot, well as long as I’ve been in the club which is pretty similar. There will be a race training ride, a sporting and intermediate clubruns for the 75. The GT ride will do a 100km (62mile) ride which does the core route of the 75, but cuts out bits at the beginning and end. The race-training ride doesn’t stop at Reed so pack plenty of Jam sarnies if you’re on that ride. The sporting clubrun will aim to do 5 hours for the 75miles. The Intermediate group will aim for about 5hrs 30 mins. Both the sporting and the intermediate rises will have a stop at Reed. The GT will aim for 4hrs 30. There will be a normal clubrun for the touring group that day.
For these two rides we normally send the faster groups off first which prevents 'overtaking chaos' please be at Addies a bit before 9 so we can sort the rides out and take some photos.

The 90ish mile Reliability Ride.

Will be the same as the last few years. (unless Terry has decided to change it again) There will be a café stop in Finchingfield or Thaxted which is a bit over ½ way. There will be a sporting clubrun and probably a race training ride for this.The Sporting ride will start at 8.30 - early I know but it helps considerably in getting round by a reasonable time. The race-training ride starts at 9am, and should catch the clubrun around the café stop.

There will also be normal clubruns on the 26th Feb, for all groups. If you complete all three reliability rides, you get a special Blue Peter badge or something like that.

Chris James.