Friday, 14 September 2012

A programme about Alpine Challenge 2012 will launch this week on British Eurosport! The 30 minute programme will first be shown on Wednesday 19th September at 16:00 (BST). This is straight after the live coverage of the World Championships Men's Individual Time Trail. It will also be broadcast over the weekend on Saturday 22nd September at 13:15 (BST). There will be additional showings over the coming weeks. Informed sources say Felix figures prominently. 

That is such a great picture --->

'The Alpine Challenge' in Annexy, France had  pretty good Cambridge representation, there were three and all top ten.

Felix Barker was second overall in the four stage event. Rob Jackson was forth and Tony Purnell seventh. There were two hundred starters. These high positions were impresive in them selves, but when you know there were pros and ex-pros in the event it is even more impressive. For instance Dean Downing was third - yes, Felix took that scalp. He also beat an 'old man' and TdF winner Steven Roche.

See  (2012 results) where there are some good photos that anyone can download so I'm told.

Thanks to Tony Purnell for thetip-off.