Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Cyclo Sportive verses Audax

Over the last few years the so called cyclo sportive events have gained in popularity. I am sure the reasons for this up-surge are many and variable but I expect the challenge of riding in a semi-compettive event that challenges the riders physical and mental boundaries has somthing to do with it. For others the attraction is the opportunity to ride in different parts of the country.

The down sides of sportive riding are the relativly small number of events (~100/year) and the high cost of entry (£10-£50). However, you do usually get electronic timing and good feed stations and a sag-wagon.

Audaxes on the other hand are rather informal in terms of organisation which keeps the cost down to a more reasonable £3-£10 level; there are also around about 600 events run each year. Riders are expected to be self-reliant on the road but there are usually plenty of feed stations. On the Audax UK website where you can find a calendar of events and even see how well Cambridge CC is doing in the national points compettion.

Cambridge CC members will be running several Audax events this year, details here where you can follow the links to the details and entry froms. The first of the rides are on the 21 March when both a 100km and a 200km events will be run. Why not think about entering?

Friday, 8 January 2010

Happy New Year and things to look forward to in 2010.

January - Time to make all those plans and set targets that seem like a good idea at the time! Renew membership of Cambridge CC.
February - Thaw! Use the Reliability Rides (14th, 21st and 28th) to start to get fit.
March - First ERRL road races of the year (7th). Aim to ride and finish one of the the Cambridge CC Audaxes (21st).
April - The Evening time trials start (1st?).
May - Cambridge CC retains the ECCA festival (1st-3rd) club team championship?
June - Do somthing for National Bike Week (12th-21st?)
July - Watch Le Tour (3rd-25th), of course.
August - Cambridge CC evening time trials finish (26th?).
September - Club Hill climb championship (2nd?). Ride the Cambridge Audax (26th)
October - Ride a few (more) clubruns for fun after a grulling season!
November - Something must happen in November?
December - Club Dinner. Reflect on all those things you did/didn't acheive!


Up for an MTB ride this Sunday?

If so turn up (with your MTB) to Addies by 9am for an offroad club run.

Chris Adams
(Piccie by kind permission of Glen Taylor.)