Friday, 20 April 2018

Kit order

We will shortly be placing our next order for kit with anticipated delivery mid to late June.

To place your order go to our Clothing web page. Should you need to check your size contact the Clothier who has sizing samples.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Club Time Trial Thursday 19 April

Congregation area
Our club time trial this Thursday is on the Barton F16/10 course.

First rider off at 6:46pm. Guest riders (being members of other CTT affiliated clubs) sign on at 6:25pm - entry fee £3.

We now have enough volunteers to run this week's event, but it's never to early to sign up for next week - f you can help contact our Time Trial Secretary

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Terry Dickerson Fan Club (TDFC)

Those members around in the 80's may remember Patrick Charlton (far left)
Inaugural meeting of the TDFC convened at the new Duxford café today.  Categories of membership as follows:-

Bronze – clearly display the ability to mend a puncture for anyone on a club-run and ideally ride utilising inner tubes with a minimum of five patches. Maximum spend of £5 per tyre.

Silver – bronze plus ability to eat at least two cakes per café stop.

Gold – silver plus evidence that your saddlebag contains a full range of workshop tools. And the ability to eat three cakes per café stop.

Terry qualifies for Gold membership.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Shepreth Road Closure

Station Road at Shepreth will be closed from Sunday 6 May until Monday 14 May to allow the installation of full security barriers.

Club runs heading towards Bassingbourn can turn right after Barrington village green taking a left into Malton Road on the approach to Orwell.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Club Time Trial Thursday 12 April

Our second club event for this season is the Bottisham circuit E33/13

We will only be able to run this event if a couple of members volunteer to help marshal the course. If you can help, please contact our Time Trial Secretary

First rider off at 6:31pm. Guest riders sign on from 6:10pm.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Season Opener Thursday 5 April

E33/10 Congregation area
Our Club Time Trial season starts on Thursday 5 April with the first event at Bottisham on the E33/10.

First rider off at 6:31pm. To ensure a ride, members are advised to arrive in good time as guest riders sign on from 6:10pm. (Guest riders, being members of other CTT affiliated clubs, pay an entry fee of £3)

We run two season-long competitions for first claim members: - one for time trial machines and one for road bikes.

These events are free for members, who in return agree to help in the running of the Club. (If you would like to enter but are not a member of any cycling club, you can join CCC as a Day Member for £5.) Contact our Time Trial Secretary

Monday, 19 March 2018

Club Time Trials

2018 Club Time Trial Schedule confirmed - and helpers needed!

Time trial season is nearly upon us and we have two new courses to enjoy! The new courses are based around Brinkley and Knapwell and we're hoping the challenge of setting a new PB will bring everyone out to give them a try.

However our events can’t be run without members' support so please sign up early to help if you want to see them continue; if there are insufficient helpers for an event to run safely, it will be cancelled.

Don’t forget all riders participating regularly in club TTs are expected to help a minimum of two occasions over the season to be eligible for the competitions.

Email to sign up now and avoid disappointment!

Kate Sanders
Club Time Trial Secretary